City Crepe Mokattam

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Saturday, 13 February, 2021 2:05 am

a landmark in the heart of Mokattam

City Crepe Mokattam

City Crepe Mokattam is one of the most famous chains of restaurants that features the perfect crepe and its secret recipe.

city crepe

Mokattam City Crepe offers a variety of savory and sweet crepes as well.

City Crepe branches

  • October 6, Central Axis next to La Poire
  • Al-Azhar 114 Al-Moez Street, in front of Beit Al-Suhaimi Corridor, next to Ghanem Fish
  • Giza, Khatem El Morsalin Street, next to the Eastern Tobacco Club, Al Omraneya
  • Zamalek, 32 Shajarat Al-Durr Street, in front of the College of Music Education
  • Sayeda Zeinab, Mohamed Qadri Pasha Street, next to Subia Tutu
  • Abbasia 2 Al-Zahir Square
  • New Cairo, The World Center Mall, behind the court, in front of Ragab Sons
  • Maadi Street 9 – next to the Maadi barracks station
  • Mokattam 6 petroleum buildings next to Ranin Phone
  • Manial 91, Manial Street
  • Al-Mohandessin 68 University of states, next to Kaddoura
  • Al-Haram Khaled Amin Street, off El Arish Street, between Al Haram and Faisal, in front of Bisco Misr
  • Gesr El Suez 93 Gesr El Suez Street – next to KFC
  • Hadayek Al-Ahram 22, Gardenia Street, Gate 1, in front of Etisalat branch
  • Hadayek al-Kobba, Misr and Sudan Street – in front of Saad al-Laban
  • Helwan, Sherif Ragheb Street, in front of McDonald’s
  • Shubra 212 Al-Tura Street
  • Sheikh Zayed the first district, next to the Mohandessin Market and the White Mosque
  • Ain Shams 94 A, Ahmed Esmat Street, near Ain Shams metro station
  • Al-Rehab City Commercial Market, Shop 56
  • Next to Prego, in front of the Oriental Weavers
  • Heliopolis 78 Othman Ibn Affan Street – Safir Square
  • Downtown Orabi Square next to Banque Misr

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city crepe menu

Check out the best offers availabe, Mafia crepe, chicken pane, crunchy chicken, chicken katyusha, and there is also chicken strips, shish tawook and cordon bleu
Cordon Bleu crepe offer served with French fries and Pepsi or 7 EGP 39.00
Super Crunchy Chicken Crepe Offer Served with French Fries and Pepsi or Mirinda EGP 39.00

Types of crepes

  • Chicken pane
  • Sausage crepe
  • There is also a meat crepe
  • Crepe burger or burger
  • Oriental sausage or Hot dog
  • Chicken Nuggets or Strips
  • Crunchy or Crunchy Chicken Crepe
  • Chicken Katyoucha Crepe
  • Chicken Shawarma

Crepe Mixes

Savory crepes

Turkey mix cheese: turkey, roumi cheese, mozzarella cheese, slices of cheddar cheese, and it also has cheddar cheese sauce
Chicken pane crepe and also sausage
Chicken pane and meat burger is also served with it
Chicken pane crepe and there is also oriental sausage
Crunchy chicken and also sausage

Crepe City cocktail mix meat and there is also mix chicken
City beef burger, hot dog, or oriental sausage
Shish Tawook crepe and there is also chicken strips
Mafia chicken pane, crispy chicken, chicken katyusha, chicken strips, shish tawook and also contains cordon bleu
Al Wahsh crepe, chicken pane, crispy chicken, chicken katyusha, and also a hot dog
The restaurant also offers Al Saroukh crepe, chicken pane, crispy chicken, chicken katyusha, hot dog, beef burger, meat kofta, and French fries.
There is also chicken habicha crepe, chicken pane, crispy chicken, chicken katyusha, chicken strips, shish tawook, and French fries

Sweet crepes

  • Plain Nutella Chocolate EGP 21.00
  • Nutella Chocolate Crepe with Banana EGP 25.00
  • Nutella chocolate and also peaches EGP 25.00
  • There is also a Nutella Chocolate Pineapple Crepe, EGP 25.00
  • Nutella Chocolate with nuts or your favorite EGP 25.00

City Crepe Mokattam number

You can contact the restaurant to inquire about the menu on the City Crepe hotline 01115442195

Address of City Crepe Restaurant

Street 9 Petroleum Buildings, Building 6, Section D, next to Al Safwa Medical Center Mokattam