cafes in nasr city

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Friday, 12 February, 2021 10:07 pm

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cafes in nasr city

Nasr City is considered to be one of the most beautiful places in Cairo. It is filled with a variety of landmarks and special places to visit. Nasr City is also located in a very unique spot of the capital as it is very close to most of the cities in Cairo. One of the loveliest activities to do while being around Nasr City is visiting one of its cafes. Cafes in Nasr City would offer you a cozy place to sit and talk with friends, fascinating decorations to take lots of photos, and also a wide range of delicious foods and beverages menus.

In this article, we talk about some of the most famous Nasr City cafes, their locations, and menus.

Beano’s Cafe 

From the perspective of the team behind Beano’s Cafe, the coffee shop concept goes around 2 main aspects: a cozy place to set and connect comfortably with friends or family and a well-brewed cup of coffee. That’s why Beano’s Cafe Nasr City is considered to be one of the loveliest cafes in Nasr City, as it offers a cozy location and a wide-ranged menu to its visitors.

Beano’s Cafe menu

Beano’s Cafe offers its visitors a widely ranged menu of foods and beverages and a very special breakfast menu that makes it one of the loveliest destinations between Nasr City cafes

Beano’s cafe address

94 Makram Ebeid St, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate 

Beano’s cafe phone number

02 23494783

Gosto Cafe Nasr City

Gosto Cafe Nasr City is one of the most beautiful cafes in Nasr city. Its modern, carefully designed, and stylish decor, which creates the perfect atmosphere indoors and outdoors.

You are definitely going to enjoy their wide food section as they’ve designed a full course meal just to satisfy you,

And if you are serious about your coffee and espresso, then Gosto Cafe is the right place for you.

You can enjoy the free Wi-Fi with their exceptional service and really beautiful decorations.

Also, what makes Gosto so special is that it is a cafe with a kid play area in Nasr City.

Gosto Cafe Menu

What makes Gosto one of the most famous Nasr City cafes is that it has got an extremely wide-ranged menu of foods, beverages, and appetizers that would satisfy every single visitor, and that’s why a lot of people consider Gosto Cafe to be the best cafe in Nasr city

Gosto Cafe address

31 Mohammed Youssef Moussa, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate

Villa One Eleven Cafe Nasr City

If you’re looking for a different and unique place to go out with some friends or family members Villa One Eleven would be a perfect destination for you.

Villa One Eleven is one of the most special Nasr City cafes for a gathering with the family or with friends. You can enjoy eating tasty and healthy foods from a wide-ranging menu. Also, Villa one eleven is a great place to head to with your kids as it has an amazing kids' area.

Villa One Eleven Menu

Villa One Eleven is not just a regular cafe, as its menu has a huge number of choices that diversify between main courses, appetizers, hot and cold beverages, and desserts. The cafe also has a home delivery service for orders around Nasr City.