Bucharest Cafe Zamalek

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Saturday, 13 February, 2021 1:44 am

Bucharest Cafe Zamalek - Enjoy a fun session in the most prestigious areas of Cairo

Bucharest Cafe Zamalek

Do you want to enjoy a quiet and relaxing session with a delicious meal or a special dish of sweets in the most prestigious neighborhood of Cairo? A café or café and restaurant in Bucharest, Zamalek, offers you a list of the most delicious main dishes and desserts, in addition to many events in a comfortable setting and distinctive decorations suitable for taking memorable photos.

Learn in this article the photos, details, and reviews of Café Bucharest Black in Zamalek.

About Café Bucharest Zamalek

Bucharest Café and Restaurant is located in the upscale neighborhood of Zamalek, which is one of the most beautiful and elegant areas of Cairo, and it is a popular destination for many young people to spend their time, either alone or with friends because this area contains ancient streets and sites worth visiting that start with the Nile River and end with archaeological and cultural sites As Aisha Fahmy Palace.

And Café Bucharest Black in Zamalek offers a long, varied, and very distinctive menu, which includes a large number of soups, desserts, and many main dishes.

In addition to the distinctive location and the varied menu, the Bucharest Cafe and Restaurant Zamalek is distinguished for being the owner of one of the finest designs of restaurants and cafes in Zamalek, as its mostly black-colored decor is luxurious and modern at the same time, making it suitable for capturing distinctive and unique photos.

One of the advantages of the Bucharest Restaurant and Cafe in Zamalek is the establishment of the place on two floors, allowing its visitors to sit on the top floor to enjoy a very unique view of the 26th of July Street, which makes it one of the best places to visit if you are a resident of Zamalek hotels.

Food served in Bucharest Café Zamalek

Bucharest Black Restaurant & Café in Zamalek offers a very varied menu, choose what suits you from main dishes, drinks or desserts.

The menu in the café includes the following: –

  • the soup
  • the authorities
  • Appetizers (hot or cold) according to your preference
  • Tagines
  • Sandwiches
  • Main dishes (meat, chicken, or seafood)
  • the pizza
  • sweets
  • Cold drinks
  • hot drinks
  • Hookah

Activities you can do when visiting Bucharest Restaurant and Cafe

Zamalek is one of the most distinguished areas in Cairo, you can do a large number of diverse activities when you visit Zamalek, whether inside or outside the cafe

If you are looking for suitable places to go out with your family or friends, the Zamalek area is one of the best options that you should consider.

In the following paragraph, we will mention some of the distinctive activities and wonderful places that you can visit in the Zamalek area, for example

Activities that you can enjoy inside the café

When you visit the Bucharest Black Café in Zamalek, you will enjoy watching the most beautiful football matches that are shown there on a regular and continuous basis, whether they are the most famous international teams or the most famous Egyptian matches.

Activities you can enjoy in Zamalek

Although the Bucharest Restaurant and Café offers great hospitality and a very distinctive session, you can do a lot of diverse activities and visit many distinctive places in the Zamalek area, and you should not miss the opportunity to enjoy a tour of the most beautiful landmarks of Zamalek when you visit the cafe, the most famous of which are:

Aisha Fahmy Palace

You can enjoy a tour between the rooms and halls of Aisha Fahmy Palace, and take many wonderful pictures of the distinctive decorations and distinctive art pieces, or sit on one of its distinctive seats and enjoy the magical sunset view on the Nile River directly.

Freedom Park

You can visit Freedom Park to enjoy a quiet walk among the greenery, or a relaxing session between the garden lights, dazzling at night and watching the distinctive statues in the park.

Mahmoud Mukhtar Museum

If you are in the Zamalek area, do not miss going to the Mahmoud Mukhtar Museum, which is one of the most famous sculptors in Egypt.

Address Café Bucharest Zamalek

Bucharest Cafe & Restaurant is located at Mohamed Mazhar Street – Zamalek – Cairo