Travel luggage checklist - Be Prepared to the maximum

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Saturday, 13 February, 2021 1:44 am

Amid the chaos of traveling a travel luggage checklist is a must to sort out everything you need.

Travel luggage checklist

Amid the chaos of traveling a travel luggage checklist is a must to sort out everything you need.

Travel Bag List

The travel list is one of the essentials of the travel bag, since the preparation includes a lot of things, and here comes the problem of not remembering all the items we need on the trip.
Personal hygiene is also a must on the travel list like a soap, a Deodorant and of course a Brush and a toothpaste.
Hair care products is essential in case of a bad hair day and of course a Nail Trim Tools to save your nail in case of an emergency.
A Moisturizer Face and Hands is essential in case you get dehydrated.

Handbag travel necessities

Check out the Basic items on the travel list:

  •        Passport
  •       Travel visa
  •       Flight tickets
  •       Hotel or motel reservation papers
  •       Map and addresses: Residential address or hotel
  •       Debit card - credit card
  •       The currency of the country
  •       Emergency contact information: Name and phone numbers
  •       Copy of passport (emergency)
  •       Earplugs and an Eye Mask: To have a quite sleep among the long trip
  •       Mobile Phone
  •       Electronic device chargers and a power bank in case you are having a long day.
  •       Medicines: Back-up and when necessary only

vacation list

Get yourself some fancy essential to travel in glamour like a Sunglasses and a Sunburn Cream (Sun Block) no one wants to get burned in the vacation.
You never know the true nature of the place so take your precautions and pack up an Insect repellent and mosquitoes.
If you are planning to go to the sea make sure you get a sea bag to put all your sea clothes in it. Also, A Sandal might come in use in case you are planning to walk on the shore.

Medicine list

  •       Pediatric asbestos.
  •       Painkillers.
  •       Medications for seasick, transportation, and high places like an airplane.
  •       cough and flu medications.
  •        Antibiotic.
  •       Sun Protection Cream.
  •        Cream for burns and skin snatches.
  •       Cotton and disinfectant for adhesive wounds.

Travel Needs

Don’t forget to know the forecast to better equip the right clothing (winter-summer), However, sometimes there is a needed essential that you must take.

  • Jacket: in case you are staying out late and want to talk a walk.

  • T-shirt: A basic T-shirt is a life savour it can help you matching a lot of items together and get a different look.
  •   Pants: a comfort pants are needed to feel free doing activities.
  •   Dresses and shoes (occasions): Don’t forget a fancy dress for the concerts or a fancy restaurant.
  •   Sleeping Clothes: Your favourite sleeping cloth to get a good night sleep after a long exhausting day.
  •   Walking Shoes: to go wherever you want without a pain in your leg.


Sun block should be applied every two hours to avoid sun burns.

Definitely, In case you needed to write any information about the hotel of the id details.

Yes, In case there is no network

The best time to swim is before afternoon.