Outings In Heliopolis – Know all the hidden spots

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Saturday, 13 February, 2021 2:50 am

Find out all the exquisite Outings In Heliopolis to have an Unforgettable time.

outings in heliopolis

Find out all the exquisite Outings In Heliopolis to have an Unforgettable time.

Different Outings In Cairo Heliopolis


One of the most important areas is City Stars, where this mall includes all possible activities involving everyone.

Magic Planet

The Magic planet Series is one of the most important places to have fun with your little one.

My town

You can leave your kid in fun place and shop as you like, where they'll enjoy the games and also the coloring for only 130 pounds and you can leave them as much as you want.

Snow City

You can enjoy Snow City's s from 10p to 10m and the prices varies from 285 to 399 L.E

Family Outing Places Night Time Heliopolis

The Maryland Park is one of the best parks in Heliopolis, where you can walk, eat, play in gardens for only 50 Egyptian pounds.

Good Outings Heliopolis

Starbucks is One of the most famous Franchise in the world.
It also offers a wide range of warm drinks, such as latte, mocha and cappuccino and if you have a sweet tooth you will love their tiramisu.
Caribou One of the newest Franchises in Egypt offering a variety of drinks, but in its own style you will fall in love immediately without realizing it.
Its best for traditional drinks with a new twist.

Outings In Heliopolis Cairo

A trip to India in the heart of Nasr, where you can wear Indian clothes and sit on an elephant.
India Gate gives you the Indian experience it brings the most out of the amazing Indian dishes like masla.
Also, they always turn on Indian movies and music to feel like you're really in India.
Maharaja also provides the same Indian services, but the difference is you'll find a huge elephant in front of the restaurant.

Cafes In Heliopolis

  • Qahwa
  • Chiles
  • Caribou
  • Malmö

Best Restaurants In Heliopolis

Check out the best remarks of Heliopolis


This restaurant a distinctive décor that allows you to take the most amazing pictures and also organizes concerts most of the time.
With a 1970s style the restaurant have colorful windows located on Abubakar Siddiq Street and working hours from 10 a.m. at 9 p.m.

Tree trunk

A scenic view at the heart of Korba and overlooks its amazing ventage buildings.
The restaurant also offers a distinctive Bohemian-style decoration.
The restaurant offers a great breakfast and lunch as well as dessert such as waffles, pancakes and fresh beverages.

Outings In Heliopolis Cairo

Tivoli Plaza One of the finest restaurant complexes that has many restaurants like Edward, Hammer and Cravé. There's also Macan where delicious desserts are served.
Also, Every Friday there's a bazaar that offers amazing hand made goods.


It opens at 10 in the morning

the ticket cost ranges from 250 to 400 L.e.

The ticket costs 50 L.e

Breakfast is served from 10 till 1 afternoon.

Working hours are from 10 in the morning till 10 at night