Borg El Arab Hotel - Enjoy your royal stay near Alexandria

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Thursday, 8 April, 2021 7:39 pm

At Borg El Arab Hotel, you'll live an experience between luxury accommodation on the coast and the vitality of Alexandria in the summer of 2021.

فندق ابروتيل برج العرب

The summer season has begun and people started looking for the perfect location for the holiday, and after Alexandria had its sleepless streets and landmarks including its famous Stanley Bridge and many other monuments as the perfect destination for escaping the summer heat, North Coast has become the modern face of Mediterranean enjoyment, with its highest-luxury hotels and open spaces.
Borg El Arab Hotel is therefore a unique case, as it is located in the north coast region and is only 45 minutes away by car from Alexandria.

The facilities of Iberotel Borg El Arab.

Enjoy an integrated package of facilities, including:-

  • Free stay for the kids.
  • Appropriate activities for children and family.
  • An integrated physical fitness center.
  • Wi-Fi
  • Free breakfast.
  • Parking lot.

In addition to the basic facilities that have been fully addressed, Iberotel Borg El Arab offers a variety of recreational activities, including:-

  • Canoe kayaking.
  • Water utility activities.
  • Steam sessions and massage.
  • Tennis practice.

Restaurants in the hotel

iberotel borg el arab

during your stay in the hotel, you can enjoy your meal in the hotel restaurant or the other restaurants around the hotel. 

  • Belvedere restaurant: Main restaurant, open buffet.
  • Khattab restaurant: 15 km away.
  • Basata café: 15 km away

Rooms in Iberotel Borg El Arab

Borg El Arab Beach Resort offers a variety of rooms with facilities that match the needs of all visitors with luxury fixtures and decorations. Here are some facilities available in all hotel rooms:-
  • Air conditioners.
  • Best light TV.
  • Tea and coffee machine.
  • A live phone.
  • Hairdryer.
  • Internet services.
  • A little bar.
  • Rooms for non - smokers.
  • Room service.
  • Trust fund.

Booking options

Family twin room with sea view.

  • contains 2 individual beds.

Double room with sea view.

  • contains 1 big double bed.

Double superior room.

  • contains 1 double bed.

Twin superior room.

  • contains 2 individual beds.

Superior twin room with sea view

  • contains 2 individual beds.

Superior queen room with sea view

  • contains 1 big double bed

Queen family room

  • contains 1 big double bed

Family room

  • contains 2 individual beds.

Executive suite

  • contains 1 big double bed

Hotel Adress

Kilo52, Alexandria-Matrouh desert road, Borg Al Arab City, Alexandria Governorate

Hotel Access Routes

Borg Al-Arab International Airport - 21.3 Km away

Closest Landmarks

  • Abo Mina Archaeological Area - 65.2 Km away: which is considered as one of the Christian pilgrimage destinations Because it contains the tomb of Saint Mina.
  • Bibliotheca Alexandrina - 64.1 Km away: one of the largest libraries in the middle east as it contains a huge number of books, and many halls. 

Languages Spoken in the Hotel

The hotel crew can speak 3 languages fluently so they can serve many nationalities.

  • Arabic.
  • English.
  • Italian.

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What places can I visit during my stay in Iberotel Borg El Arab?

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What is the ideal way to get to Iberotel Borg El Arab beach resort?

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